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Title: La rotación voluntaria de personal en la empresa Adient: Análisis y propuestas de mejora
Author: Marín Varela, José Ramón
Tutor: Pons Verdú, Fernando José
Keywords: Turnover, satisfaction, environment and burnout
Issue Date: Jun-2019
Abstract: Voluntary turnover can be defined as the exchange between a firm and its environment. It is caused by various factors, such as the current situation of the labor market, the style of supervisión, labor dissatisfaction, etc. There are different formulas for the calculation of the voluntary turnover index according to the objective to achieve. Voluntary turnover has an impact in organizations causing recruitment expenses, decrease in production, training for new employees expenses and organizational oblivion among other issues. In order to prevent or reduce voluntary turnover it is necessary to identify causes, being posible to use validated recruitment procedures, to carry out integration policies or to pay atention to the attitude trajectory among other practices. This paper introduces the company Adient by the presentation of general information, SWOT and PESTEL Analysis and the study of Porter´s five forces. The empirical part counts with an interview with a HR specialist who states that the main reason why employees leave Adient is the change for a better position. Furthermore, a questionnaire was filled in by employees in order to measure different constructs. The outcome of a performed correlation analysis shows that work satisfaction and work environment have a mild negative correlation with the turnover intention while exhaustion and cynism have a stronger positive correlation with voluntary turnover. The performance of a Student´s T test shows that exhaustion in managers is significatively higher tan in accountants while cynism is more present in employees who are between 25 and 30 years old than in employes who are between 30 and 35. Nevertheless, the turnover intention does not vary according to the ages nor the positions under study.
Language: Spanish
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