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Title: Warranties used as a mean to promote commercial FOSS
Author: Berrendonner, Romain
Others: European Opensource & Free Software Law Event (4th : 2011 : Barcelona)
Keywords: FOSS
Issue Date: 4-Nov-2011
Abstract: From a business standpoint, this paper describes the point of view on the question of warranties of a FOSS editor doing business in a risk-averse market segment. It is based on 15-years experience of AdaCore in the safety-critical embedded industry. However, it is not only the point of view of a provider, as it also aims at demonstrating that the interests of providers and users are aligned in this area. From a legal point of view, the enforceability of these warranties will be partly covered, as well as the articulation between the license and the warranties on one hand, and the articulation between the license and the other contracts that can be created in a business relationship on the other hand.
Language: English
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