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Title: F/OSS to promote vendor independence/avoid lock-in in the enterprise
Author: Henley, Mark
Others: European Opensource & Free Software Law Event (4th : 2011 : Barcelona)
Keywords: FOSS
Issue Date: 4-Nov-2011
Abstract: This paper focuses on the use of FLOSS to promote vendor independence/avoid lock-in in the enterprise. It looks at how FLOSS projects follow open standards, how forking prevents lock-in if a project threatens to migrate to a closed-source strategy and how FLOSS lowers the barrier to entry for SMEs wishing to implement and support software. However it also looks at how the adoption of policies mandating open standards instead of FLOSS and how the success of cloud computing threatens to erode those benefits. It discusses ways in which cloud computing can be adopted in the enterprise without forfeiting those advantages and urge corporate and government policy makers to mandate FLOSS rather than be satisfied with open standards.
Language: English
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