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Title: ¿Como afectan los smartphones a la atención selectiva? Una revisión sistemática de la situación actual
Author: Villar Peña, Ricardo
Tutor: Jiménez Alonso, Belén
Keywords: smartphones
selective attention
new technologies
Issue Date: Jun-2019
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Abstract: Nowadays the smartphones are present in all areas of the diary life, the smartphones may seem innocuous, but, the certainty is that the smartphones could affect in our selective attention. The next paper is a systematic review, this systematic review analyzes some papers about the theme ¿selective attention and smartphone¿ to know if really, the smartphones affect to the selective attention or not, how the smartphones affect to the selective attention, and why the smartphones affect to selective attention. Along all the systematic review, we analyzed several studies, and later, we make conclusions about the actual knowledge concerning to the smartphones and selective attention. The results of this work said that the smartphone could be affecting the selective attention, albeit in several stages in function of the use of the smartphone, and the time together the smartphone. To sum up, the smartphone can affect to the selective attention, and this effect could be modulated according manipulated the time together the smartphone.
Language: Spanish
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