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Title: La transformació urbana de la Rambla: cap a la coproducció dels processos d'intervenció urbanística?
Author: Guim Vallejo, Elena
Director: Iglesias Costa, Mariela
Keywords: citizen participation
urban processes
policies of urban regeneration
Issue Date: 1-Sep-2019
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Abstract: The research is part of the line of work of urban planning for collaborative and inclusive cities. It aims to analyze the limits and opportunities offered by the new approaches to urban interventions in the consolidated city that should allow addressing urban problems with comprehensive, multidisciplinary and co-produced responses with the people who inhabit the city. From the case study of the urban transformation project of the Rambla de Barcelona, I intend to find the facilitating elements that allow the promotion of urban interventions from the co-production paradigm. The research aims to answer different questions related to citizen participation in the urban intervention processes in the consolidated city, based on the analysis of a specific case such as the Rambla de Barcelona. The focus of interest focuses on the substantive scope of citizen participation and its relevance in the decision-making process in urban intervention projects. The research seeks to analyze the operational dimension of the integral urban regeneration policy and its cycle from the variable of citizen participation, and see to what extent the voice of the citizenry affects the decision making on the city model that is being built . From the case study, it is intended to know what are the factors of the integral urban regeneration policies that have been developed in the project, and to what extent these have allowed to achieve the objectives that had been raised at the beginning of the definition of the transformation project.
Language: Catalan
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