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Title: Foco nos negócios x foco nos indivíduos: razões para implementar práticas de responsabilidade empresarial no turismo brasileiro
Other Titles: Business focus vs. individual focus: reasons for implementing corporate responsibility in the Brazilian tourism sector
Foco en los negocios x foco en los individuos: razones para implementar prácticas de responsabilidad empresarial en el turismo brasileño
Author: Araújo Costa, Helena
Font Aulet, Xavier
Garay Tamajón, Lluís
Jones, Steve
Others: Universidade de Brasília
University of Surrey
Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Keywords: Corporate responsibility
Issue Date: 27-Sep-2018
Publisher: Turismo: Visão e Ação
Citation: Costa, H., Font, X., Garay, L. & Jones, S. (2018). Foco nos negócios x foco nos indivíduos: razões para implementar práticas de responsabilidade empresarial no turismo brasileiro. Turismo: Visão e Ação, 20(3), 474-489. doi: 10.14210/rtva.v20n3.p474-489
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Abstract: This study aims to identify the responsible actions taken by tourism businesses in Brazil, focusing on the reasons for implementing such actions. The survey obtained 1,350 responses from tourism companies in sectors such as accommodation, travel agencies, food and transportation. The methods consisted of an online survey, and the data analysis was performed using descriptive statistics and cluster analysis. The results indicate that among the tourism companies in Brazil, environmental measures are the measures most frequently implemented, particularly those aimed at saving energy or water. The analysis revealed two distinct groups in terms of the reasons for implementing responsible practices, both supported by the theoretical framework. One was focused on the business, and the other on individuals. While the first group presented reasons focused on the business, such as cost reduction and increased competitiveness, the second group presented motivations related to the individual, such as lifestyle and personal values. The individual motivations group was larger, and implemented more of the measures investigated in the triple bottom line of sustainability. Finally, there was no evidence of differences in financial performance in the companies of the two groups.
ISSN: 1983-7151MIAR

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