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Title: La deliberació ciutadana online: avaluació de la deliberació en les noves plataformes participatives dels ajuntaments catalans i en les xarxes socials relacionades
Author: Borge Bravo, Rosa  
Balcells Padullés, Joan  
Padró-Solanet Grau, Albert  
Others: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Keywords: political participation
online deliberation
Catalan municipalities
Issue Date: 7-May-2019
Abstract: ICT, and more specifically open-source participatory platforms, are a source of innovation for public administrations when designing participatory processes. Technology is expected to increase citizen participation by targeting new publics. However, less emphasis has been usually placed on the deliberative quality of digital spaces; actually, the more discursive elements of dialogue and informed debate implied in participatory processes have been rather neglected. This study is focused on an empirical analysis on the use of the platform Decidim in several Catalan municipalities, with a particular attention on the spaces for online debate. Methodologically the research relies on a combination of qualitative and quantitative methods, including web content analysis, network analysis, as well as in-depth interviews with municipal officers in charge of the platform. The project is structured around four aims: (1) to analyse comparatively the diffusion and use of the platform Decidim among Catalan municipalities; (2) to assess the platform's deliberative capacity by using a system of criteria and indicators on deliberative quality; (3) to analyse the connection between the proposals in Decidim and Twitter, and assess the deliberative quality of these conversations on Twitter; (4) and to transform the conclusions of the empirical analysis into a guideline for helping public administrations in the process of implementing participatory platforms. The research reveals that the platform has become a useful tool for encouraging citizen participation as a complement to offline participation; but, deliberative spaces are scarcely used, local governments do not foster them, and platform's proposals are not present on Twitter. However, the online conversations that have been analysed from both the platform and Twitter achieve several deliberative criteria, contributing to the generation of a more autonomous public sphere.
Language: Catalan
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