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Title: Recommendations on Formative Assessment and Feedback Practices for stronger engagement in MOOCs
Author: Floratos, Nikolaos
Guasch Pascual, Teresa  
Espasa Roca, Anna  
Others: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Keywords: MOOCs
Formative assessment
Student engagement
Peer assessment
Self assessment
Issue Date: 22-Apr-2015
Publisher: Open Praxis
Citation: Floratos, Nikolaos, Guasch Pascual, T. & Espasa Roca, A. (2015). Recommendations on Formative Assessment and Feedback Practices for stronger engagement in MOOCs. Open praxis, 7(2), 141-152. doi: 10.5944/openpraxis.7.2.194
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Abstract: Many publications and surveys refer to the high drop out rate in Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) which is around 90%, especially if we compare the number of students who register against those who finish. Working towards improving student engagement in MOOCs, we focus on providing specific research-based recommendations on formative assessment and feedback practices that can advance student activity. In this respect, we analysed some significant research papers on formative assessment and feedback methods applicable to face-to-face teaching environments that advance student engagement, and concluded with related requirements and conditions that can be applied also to MOOCs. We also analysed 4050 comments and reviews of the seven most active and highly rated MOOCs (6 Coursera ones and 1 from EdX) provided by the students who have mainly completed those courses via CourseTalk. Based on this content analysis, we have formulated fourteen recommendations that support also the requirements/conditions of our conceptual and theoretical framework analysis. The results obtained give some light in a rather unexplored research area, which is the research on formative assessment and feedback practices specifically for stronger engagement in MOOCs.
Language: English
ISSN: 2304-070XMIAR
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