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Title: Determinants of science-based cooperation: evidence in a sample of small and micro firms
Author: Fernández Ardèvol, Mireia
Lladós Masllorens, Josep  
Keywords: science-based cooperation
absorptive capacity
small and micro firms
Issue Date: 1-Dec-2011
Publisher: Managing Global Transitions: International Research Journal
Citation: Fernández-Ardèvol, M.;Lladós, J..(2011). "Determinants of science-based cooperation: evidence in a sample of small and micro firms". Managing Global Transitions: International Research Journal. ISSN:1581-6311. 9.4. pág.(319-333).
Abstract: We study the determining factors of cience-based cooperation in the case of small and micro firms. In this research, we propose an analytical framework based on the resource-based view of the firm and we identify a set of organisational characteristics, which we classify as internal, external and structural factors. Each factor can be linked to at least one reason, from the firm¿s point of view, to cooperate with universities and public research centres. Each reason can, in turn, be used as an indicator of a firm¿s organisational needs or organisational capacities. In order to validate the theoretical model, we estimate a logistic regression that models the propensity to participate in science-based cooperation activities within a sample of 285 small and micro firms located in Barcelona. The results show the key role played by the absorptive capacity of new and small companies.
Language: English
Other Identifiers: 1581-6311
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