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Title: Y entonces: ¿Qué hacemos con los datos? Reflexiones sobre la interpretación en ciencias sociales
Author: Enguix Grau, Begoña
Others: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Keywords: Fieldwork
Data management
Issue Date: 2-Jan-2012
Publisher: Revista Latinoamericana de Metodología de la Investigación Social
Citation: Enguix, B. (2012). Entonces: ¿Qué hacemos con los datos? Reflexiones sobre la interpretación en ciencias sociales. Revista Latinoamericana de Metodología de la Investigación Social, 2(4), 52-67.
Abstract: Research in Social Sciences aims at a broad -and good- knowledge of our social world. To reach this aim it is necessary to deal appropriately and manage skillfully the amount of date we gather as researchers. For that reason, this article proposes a reflexion on how to deal with data based in the analysis/interpretation diad and grounded on the experience of the author in carrying out qualitative research as well as teaching experience and on the exploration of different texts on qualitative methodologies. We affirm that the nature of the data that we manage is not profoundly different form the nature of many other stimuli that affect us, as our data derive from human action. We also consider that between those stimuli -data- and the researcher's subjectivity and experience there is a link that is mediated by his/her life and research experience, methodological training, previous knowledge and theoretical stances among others, being "mediated" different to "conditioned" or "determined".
Language: Spanish
ISSN: 1853-6190MIAR
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