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Title: Perfil neuropsicológico de paciente con secuelas de accidente cerebrovascular isquémico en región de la ACM izquierda
Author: Clavijo Moreno, Mauricio Noel
Director: Pascual Darlington, Margarita
Keywords: stroke
neuropsychological deficits
middle cerebral artery
Issue Date: 1-Jul-2019
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Abstract: Description of the patient. Real single case study of an 18-year-old patient with a history of ischemic stroke in the left internal carotid artery, with 3 years of evolution, who presents right hemiparesis with greater involvement in right upper limb, alterations in the cognitive domains of language, executive functioning. Description of the pathology. Cerebrovascular Accident (CVA) is considered as an acute neurological injury where blood circulation is involved, , depending on the vascular region affected, it generates a variety of cognitive and physical symptoms that may persist by years, giving occurrence to two possible types of stroke: one of ischemic type which is produced by obstruction of a blood vessel and the other an hemorrhagic type, which is produced by the rupture of a blood vessel, this generates bleeding inside the brain. Results. It is noted a preserved capacity not only in visoconstructive ability, but also in the idemotoras praxis, which help the capacity to carry out actions in response to orders by imitation; in the same way, it is identified alterations in attention processes, memory, language, praxias gnosias, executive functions, emotion, behavior, and aphasia type aphasia síndrome. Objective of the intervention. Through a treatment plan, establish in 24 sessions, with a frequency of 3 per week and 45 minutes each, it is looking for compensating the cognitive, behavioral and emotional deficits that present the greatest alteration to contribute to the quality of life of the patient.
Language: Spanish
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