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Title: K-papp: Diseño y desarrollo de un prototipo de alta fidelidad de una aplicación web para la comunidad de fans del K-pop
Author: Zhao, Ruyi
Director: Porta Simó, Laura  
Tutor: Zorrilla Berasategui, Mikel
Keywords: K-pop fans
web applications
Issue Date: Jan-2020
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Abstract: K-pop has gone from having a local audience to become a global phenomenon. Its success is due in great part to the social media and the contribution of its fans. This event matches up with the evolution of the information age. The current platforms allow fans to access information about their bias from anywhere in the world. However, fans must find them in exchange for investing time in visualizing extensive visual and textual resources. This paper analyzes the state of matter and defines the design requirements to finally propose the design and development of a high-fidelity prototype for a mobile-first application that allows easy access to complete information of a K-pop artist and/or K-pop group. The design incorporates a Chabot assistant that will give a direct answer to the user's questions. The project will serve as the basis for the future development of the application.
Language: Spanish
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