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Title: Residència Diocesana d'Estudiants : un recurs intermig de suport a la família
Authors: Polo Moya, Antoni Vicent
Director: Planella Ribera, Jordi
Other: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya
Issue Date: 16-Feb-2010
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya
Type: Bachelor Thesis
Abstract: A project which aims to plan the services that may be offered by the Diocesan Student Residence. Projects should fulfill two conditions: on the one hand, they should be technically correct and should conform to basic humanistic principles; and on the other, a sense of social usefulness should be given to them and they should expressly reach out to the less advantaged (not just economically) sectors of our society. The following are some of the services suggested: a boarding school for 300 children and adolescents; the conversion of an old boarding school into a sort of alternative resource centre to school (summer camps, educational camps), as well as a camp residence currently under construction and two camping areas (one in the mountains, the other at the beach); the creation of a diocesan Leisure School (this is one of the few dioceses in Catalonia that does not have one, and this diocese also includes the northern territories of Castelló); the generation of a service to elaborate the various types of mediation that society currently calls for, and for which a strong growth is expected (marriages, minors, etc.), and the search for other services that may be offered to minors and families with economic problems (family day centers, etc.).
Language: Catalan
Appears in Collections:Bachelor thesis, research projects, etc.

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