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Title: Els sistemes de reconeixement de veu com a innovació disruptiva en el format àudio. Estudi de cas: els anuncis activats per veu i la publicitat dialogant
Author: Mena Ariño, Laia
Tutor: Lamelo Varela, Carles
Keywords: digital marketing
artificial intelligence
voice-activated ads
audio language
Issue Date: 12-Jan-2020
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Abstract: The audio format is being reconfigured and there are a wide range of new audio products such as pre-recorded radio, podcasts, music streaming or audiobooks. The digestion of audio products has increased as well as the number of consumers for such products. Innovation and technology have added a new element to this equation; voice-activated smart devices like Siri from iPhone or Alexa from Amazon. This disruptive technology allows to broadcast audio ads that react via voice command from the users on a smart device. Siri o Alexa are a game changer in the measurability limitation of the audio format. Never before it was possible to collect data on the consumer reaction while listening to an audio ad. The collection of data allows to evaluate, optimize and modify the campaign in real time. Artificial Intelligence can play an important role in this part, changing advertising to a more natural and human experience. Therefore, in this moment of industry change it is vital that brands seize the great opportunity to build an innovative audio identity. Consumers are changing the way they search online adopting the voice search but only those brands that have updated their SEO strategy will be picked up by those requests, the rest will never be presented to the consumer. Already 9,3% of the population in Spain uses a voiceactivated device at least once a day but only those brands offering natural voiceactivated ads will be well perceived by the consumers. This new advertising technique is still on its early days of development and has more limitations than successful stories but is the perfect moment for those brands willing to take the risk and innovate. Is the right time to look at the new trends in audio consumption and take advantage of the great opportunities of the audio format. In the competition for visibility, investment in audio brànding is a safe bet.
Language: Catalan
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