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Title: Geografía humana de Asia Oriental, setiembre 2010
Authors: Pareja Alcaraz, Pablo
Prats Armengol, Alexandra
Ribas Sebastián, Joan
Director: Gómez Pradas, Muriel
Other: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya
Keywords: Human geography
East Asia
Issue Date: Sep-2010
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya
Type: Lecture notes
Abstract: This course, based on a geographic study characterized by a high diversity (ethnic, linguistic, cultural but also of political and socioeconomic systems) to analyze current and historical consequences of this diversity, especially in relation to the Chinese world, which are linked both to physical geography as well as to political and economic geography issues. The course also aims to provide the basic tools to understand the region in an increasingly globalized and interdependent world.
Language: Spanish
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Geografía humana de Asia Oriental_Portada.pdfPortada637.29 kBAdobe PDFPreview  Download
Geografía humana de Asia Oriental_Módulo1_El espacio geográfico de Asia oriental.pdfMódulo 196.77 kBAdobe PDFPreview  Download
Geografía humana de Asia Oriental_Módulo2_La población de Asia oriental.pdfMódulo 2588.9 kBAdobe PDFPreview  Download
Geografía humana de Asia Oriental_Módulo3_Diversidad étnica y modos de vida en Asia oriental.pdfMódulo 3121.75 kBAdobe PDFPreview  Download
Geografía humana de Asia Oriental_Módulo4_Geografía económica de Asia oriental.pdfMódulo 4274.78 kBAdobe PDFPreview  Download
Geografía humana de Asia Oriental_Módulo5_Geografía urbana y medio ambiente en Asia oriental.pdfMódulo 5130.23 kBAdobe PDFPreview  Download
Geografía humana de Asia Oriental_Módulo6_La geografía política de Asia oriental.pdfMódulo 6101.22 kBAdobe PDFPreview  Download

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