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Title: A UML/OCL framework for the analysis of fraph transformation rules
Author: Cabot Sagrera, Jordi  
Clarisó Viladrosa, Robert  
Lara Jaramillo, Juan de
Guerra, Esther
Others: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
Keywords: graph transformation
domain specific visual languages
verification and validation
Issue Date: 31-Jul-2009
Publisher: Software and Systems Modeling
Citation: Cabot, J., Clarisó, R., Guerra, E. & de Lara Jaramillo, J. (2010). A UML/OCL Framework for the Analysis of Graph Transformation Rules. Software and Systems Modeling, 9(3), 335-357. doi: 10.1007/s10270-009-0129-0
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Abstract: In this paper we present an approach for the analysis of graph transformation rules based on an intermediate OCL representation. We translate different rule semantics into OCL, together with the properties of interest (like rule applicability, conflicts or independence). The intermediate representation serves three purposes: (i) it allows the seamless integration of graph transformation rules with the MOF and OCL standards, and enables taking the meta-model and its OCL constraints (i.e. well-formedness rules) into account when verifying the correctness of the rules; (ii) it permits the interoperability of graph transformation concepts with a number of standards-based model-driven development tools; and (iii) it makes available a plethora of OCL tools to actually perform the rule analysis. This approach is especially useful to analyse the operational semantics of Domain Specific Visual Languages. We have automated these ideas by providing designers with tools for the graphical specification and analysis of graph transformation rules, including a backannotation mechanism that presents the analysis results in terms of the original language notation.
Language: English
ISSN: 1619-1366MIAR
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