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Title: New human resource management systems in non-based-knowledge firms: Applications for decision making on the business performance
Author: Ficapal Cusi, Pilar
Torrent Sellens, Joan  
Others: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya. Internet Interdisciplinary Institute (IN3)
Keywords: human resource management (HRM) systems
non-based-knolwedge firms
firms performance
IT use
work organization
Issue Date: Feb-2014
Publisher: Modern Economy
Citation: Ficapal-Cusí, P. & Torrent-Sellens, J. (2014). New Human Resource Management Systems in Non-Based-Knowledge Firms: Applications for Decision Making on the Business Performance. Modern Economy, 5(2), 141-153. doi: 10.4236/me.2014.52016
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Abstract: The aim of this paper is double. First, it provides a conceptual framework and modelling of the relationship between human resource management (HRM) systems and non-based-knowledge firms. Second, using survey data on 1.518 Catalan firms (in Spain, with capital in Barcelona), the paper: 1) identify two system of HRM (in progress HRM system and non-HRM developed system); 2) build a causal model of determinants of HRM systems; and 3) describe the association links between in progress HRM system and firm's performance. Using factor and cluster analysis, we find that only one-third of firms use in progress HRM system. Using logit binomial analysis, we find that features which are structural, technological, strategic, organisational and performance-related explain the adoption of in progress HRM system. Finally, using association analysis, we find that firms that adopt in progress HRM system: 1) are more internationalised and show greater ability to adapt to the changing environment, to innovate and to collaborate; 2) focus on product/service differentiation strategy enhancing quality; 3) apply a greater degree of new forms of work organization; 4) have more technological equipment and use IT more intensively; and 5) invest more in training their employees, than firms with non-HRM system developed.
Language: English
ISSN: 2152-7245MIAR
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