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Title: El rol dels públics interns a les entitats del tercer sector
Author: López Chavarria, Marc
Director: Carmaniu Mainadé, Xavier
Keywords: internal communications
internal public
communication plan
Issue Date: 15-Jan-2019
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Abstract: This academic work presents a communications plan for Fundació ACE. This is a non-profit entity that fights against Alzheimer's disease. The project sets for the very first defined internal communications strategy for an entity with 25 years of history, formed by more than 80 workers spread across three buildings in the city of Barcelona. Nowadays, internal corporative communications are becoming part of the communication strategy of medium and large businesses that realize the importance of making an effort in maintaining a well-inform internal audience that is synchronized with the objectives of the organization. Fundació ACE created its first communications department five years ago, realizing to the need to have a professional team in the field. This investigation exemplifies a model to enforce the corporative requirements of Fundació ACE, that establishes the necessary steps to compose a referential model in internal communications. It designs a bundle of tactics to connect the entity with the workers. The study situates the business importance of the information needs of the internal public. It also analyzes the work climate to rate impact in team motivation. Related to practical methodology, an internal auditory has been performed by analyzing the corporate documents that register the data and impact of the entity. Afterwards, the information of the intern public was collected by using a survey mechanism. Consequently, a meeting with the Chief Communications Officer was arranged in order to discern the communications priorities. This analysis of the status of internal communications at Fundació ACE is a revealing study of the modus operandi with all the weaknesses and strengths of the communication and internal public of the entity. The analyzed position is justified by the answers of the workers to generate a new way of operations in the communications department. The communications plan opens brand new communicative possibilities while also being fortified by existing channels to generate a communication flow that improves the status of the employees.
Language: Catalan
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