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Title: El daño cerebral en el traumatismo craneoencefálico severo: estudio de un caso de intervención neuropsicológica
Author: Vegas Casarrubio, Noelia
Tutor: Pascual Darlington, Margarita
Keywords: traumatic brain injury
brain damage
neuropsychological rehabilitation
Issue Date: Jan-2020
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Abstract: Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is a serious public health problem, both because of its high mortality rates and because of the disabilities presented by patients who survive. TBI brain injuries can cause physical, sensory, cognitive, behavioral and emotional disorders. These alterations cause a strong impact on a personal, family, social and labor level. This paper presents a case of a patient with severe brain damage due to severe TBI. This is a fictional patient based on my experience during the performance of my practices in the Brain Damage Unit of the Beata María Ana Hospital in Madrid. The evaluation of the patient shows a profile of neuropsychological alterations between moderate and severe. At the cognitive level it presents fatigue, attentional alterations, left heminegligence, slowdown in the speed of information processing, alterations in operational memory and learning, constructive apraxia, difficulties in accessing the lexicon and alterations in executive functions. At the behavioral level it shows disinhibition, egocentrism and anosognosia. The proposed neuropsychological intervention consists of 3 weekly 45-minute individual sessions for 9 months. The main objective of the intervention will be to reduce the impact of cognitive deficits and behavioral alterations of the patient that impede proper functioning in his daily life. The intervention includes psychoeducation, cognitive stimulation, compensatory strategies, psychotherapy and family intervention. After the intervention, a significant improvement is expected both cognitively and behaviorally, and greater autonomy and social adjustment in the patient.
Language: Spanish
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