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Title: Reflexiones sobre la percepción de los destinos turísticos inteligentes españoles por parte de los actores turísticos
Author: González Reverté, Francesc  
Díaz Luque, Pablo  
Gomis López, Joan Miquel  
Morales Pérez, Soledad  
Others: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Keywords: smart tourism destinations
tourism agents
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Ara: Revista de Investigación en Turismo
Citation: González Reverté, F., Díaz Luque, P., Gomis López, J.M. & Morales Pérez, S. (2018). Reflexiones sobre la percepción de los destinos turísticos inteligentes españoles por parte de los actores turísticos. Ara: Revista de Investigación en Turismo, 8(1), 21-35.
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Abstract: The aim of this paper is to debate the IT concept from the perception different agents of the tourism sector have about it and to see to what extent there is agreement or disagreement in the definition of the concept itself, its influence on the competitive improvement of destinations and future trends. In short, it intends to analyze the potential, but also to understand the risks and main challenges that the incorporation of IT can cause over current destinations. The work procedure involves asking experts in the tourism sector and in the academic world about the different thematic areas on IT and ITD: the definition of the concept and the welfare of its evolution in the immediate future, the characteristics and components of an ITD system, the role of the technological components in an ITD, the linking of IT with sustainability, the limits and risks of IT display, and the determinants and conditionings that destinations have for the development of IT strategies. The collected information has been obtained from the opinion of around thirty experts, with the purpose of gathering different points of view through the Delphi method: the academic specialists (belonging to national and international universities), those affected (from the case of study of the tourist municipalities of the province of Barcelona) and the facilitators (companies and organizations involved in the use of technologies to promote IT).
Language: Spanish
ISSN: 2014-4458MIAR
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