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Title: WAPPAF - Web APPlication for Automation in Fortigate
Author: Amorós Mora, Jesús Mª
Keywords: Firewall Fortigate Ansible Cybersecurity Automation Devops Development
Issue Date: Jun-2020
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Abstract: Due to high demand and the growth in cybersecurity professionals and the multitude of tools that they must control and manage, they spend a lot of time on repetitive tasks. Current tools allow to group the control and management of firewalls in a centralized but not automated way, and therefore the manual intervention of an analyst or operator is necessary to block a certain threat WAPPAF is a FORTINET firewall automation web application that allows to react automatically to an attack and block the attacker, the application feeds on the inputs that the intrusion detection sensor has detected and has sent to the application. WAPPAF solves a common problem in many IT, cybersecurity or SOC departments, in which we find manual and repetitive tasks, in many cases adding simple evaluation controls through WAPPAF can be automated, there are also many repetitive maintenance tasks that can be automated with WAPPAF. The objective of TFM has been to create a functional application, which allows to automate, control and mitigate an attack automatically, in addition to allowing IT technicians to visualize what happened or launch configuration in a much simpler and automated way.
Language: Spanish
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