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Title: Estudio de los mecanismos que inciden en la autorregulación durante el proceso de aprendizaje colaborativo en entornos personales de aprendizaje
Author: Barreto Farfán, Jorge Enrique
Director: Duart Montoliu, Josep Maria
Fonseca Ramírez, Oscar Hernán
Keywords: self-regulated learning
collaborative learning
personal learning environments
network learning
information and communication technologies
Issue Date: 12-Feb-2020
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Abstract: The aim of this study is to identify and categorize the self-regulation mechanisms used by students on a master's degree programme in Didactics of Science at the Universidad Autónoma de Colombia. Taking into account the impact that personal learning environments have on students' academic activity, we find self-regulatory or meta-learning practices to be present in a number of areas, the broadest of which being in the educational macro-context. Here, three further contexts are identified: the context of information technology (IT); the context containing the interactions (IN) that individuals establish with their social surroundings and with different resources; and the context of psychopedagogy (PP). Individuals adopt information technologies differently, some with greater ease than others. Therefore, we apply three competency layers or levels to the collaborations taking place through communicative processes mediated by digital elements, which allows us to establish the degree of asymmetry occurring within them. To categorize these mechanisms, we consider their fit within the physical, social, methodological, temporal, behavioural and motivational dimensions established by Zimmerman for self-regulation. The results of our study demonstrate that they take place in cyclical processes of reinforcement and compensation. From a cybernetic point of view, such processes prove to vary in terms of order. In addition, we have detected other mechanisms that could potentially constitute grounds for future research (diagnostics and projects).
Language: Spanish
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