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Title: Irene Polo, retrat d'una època. La mirada femenina en el periodisme de la II República
Author: Martínez de Mas, Anna
Director: Figueras Capdevila, Narcís  
Tutor: Dasca Batalla, Maria
Keywords: Irene Polo
II República
Issue Date: 31-May-2020
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Abstract: The work of Irene Polo, like that of María Luz Morales, Anna Murià, Aurora Bertrana and Teresa Arquimbau, represents the entry of female journalism into Catalonia during a particularly turbulent period. Between two dictatorships and within the framework of the political and social opening of the Second Spanish Republic, in which women set in motion a process of demanding rights, the journalist gave a voice both to women and to the social and political causes of the time, as can be seen in her articles on women's right to vote. This TFG aims to identify the main social and political characteristics of the 1930s, such as women's right to vote or labour struggles, through literary journalism, as well as to understand the role of women in journalistic and literary life in the inter-war period in general and, specifically, to study the figure of Irene Polo in the framework of literary journalism in the Second Republic. Furthermore, after introducing Irene Polo's personal and professional career, we will analyse the journalist's articles based on the emptiness of the articles published in the press of the time. In the analysis of these materials we will focus on the style of her articles and the characteristics that define it as well as the main themes on which the author writes. Our hypothesis is that Polo's journalism aims to make visible situations of vulnerability of disadvantaged sectors and that, therefore, it is a journalism committed to the republic.
Language: Catalan
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