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Title: Prácticas de gestión del talento para la retención de docentes
Author: Pinazo Moreno, Leyre
Director: Álvaro López Cabrales
Keywords: Talent Management, retention of employees, strategies and teachers.
Issue Date: 21-Jun-2020
Abstract: Human talent management practices are the most effective strategy to retain employees that generate added value to organizations. In the first part of this project, a bibliographic review on talent management has been carried out. The second part consists of a questionnaire that has been addressed to the educational environment in order to respond to the purpose of this study: What talent management practices have the greatest impact on teacher retention? To do this, a survey was carried out of a sample of 64 teachers who were asked about aspects related to the environment and job satisfaction, leaders and colleagues, their motivations, the benefits and rewards they have in their work and their personal and professional development. To analyze the results, the sample was divided into teachers from the public and private schools to examine whether there were differences between the talent management strategies of both groups. The results show us that there are no great differences and the teachers are mostly satisfied with the talent retention practices that are applied in their organization, being the work environment, the motivation and the personal and professional development the most important strategies.
Language: Spanish
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