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Title: Revisión sistemática de los paradigmas neuropsicológicos utilizados durante la cirugía cerebral en paciente despierto
Author: Gutiérrez Cantero, Rafael Alejandro
Tutor: Caparrós González, Rafael Arcangel
Keywords: awake brain surgery
neuropsychological paradigms
neuropsychological test
cortical mapping
awake craniotomy
Issue Date: 15-Jan-2020
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Abstract: Background. Awakened brain surgery has become an usual procedure for injuries in eloquent areas, obtaining more resection of damaged tissue, and higher survival rates. This requires an adequate intraoperative monitoring which leads to the use of test or neuropsychological paradigms that activate the brain areas (or adjacent) were the lesion is located. Due to a fast proliferation of these types of interventions, a protocol has not been agreed. For this reason, a high variability of tests exist. Objectives. The aim was to perform a systematic review of studies which use tests or neuropsychological tasks during surgery in awakened patient. Methodology. A systematic search was done in Scopus and Web of Science. Studies in which paradigms and neuro psychological tests were used at intraoperative level with awake craniotomy. Studies between 2009 and 2019, which were written in Spanish or English were included.Results. A total of 119 results were obtained, an amou nt of 78 were excluded for not meeting the inclusion criteria. The final sample consisted in 31 studies. Varied tests were used, some self-created and standardized ones. Denomination tasks were used in 29 out of 31 studies. Limitations. Studies which did not specify the test used were excluded. Conclusions. Language domain was the most monitored function and the denomination task was the most repeated. Future studies should focus on some alternative cognitive functions.
Language: Spanish
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