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dc.contributor.authorManzano Arjona, María-
dc.contributor.authorMartins, Manuel A.-
dc.contributor.authorHuertas Sánchez, María Antonia-
dc.contributor.otherUniversidade de Aveiro-
dc.contributor.otherUniversidad de Salamanca-
dc.contributor.otherUniversitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)-
dc.identifier.citationManzano, M., Martins, M.A. & Huertas, A. (2014). A semantics for equational hybrid propositional type theory. Bulletin of the Section of Logic, 43(3-4), 121-138.-
dc.description.abstractThe definition of identity in terms of other logical symbols is a recurrent issue in logic. In particular, in First-Order Logic (FOL) there is no way of defining the global relation of identity, while in standard Second-Order Logic (SOL) this definition is not only possible, but widely used. In this paper, the reverse question is posed and affirmatively answered: Can we define with only equality and abstraction the remaining logical symbols? Our present work is developed in the context of an equational hybrid logic (i.e. a modal logic with equations as propositional atoms enlarged with the hybrid expressions: nominals and the @ operator). Our logical base is propositional type theory. We take the propositional equality, abstraction, nominals, and @ operators as primitive symbols and we demonstrate that all of the remaining logical symbols can be defined, including propositional quantifiers and equational equality.en
dc.publisherBulletin of the Section of Logic-
dc.relation.ispartofBulletin of the Section of Logic, 2014, 43(3-4)-
dc.rightsCC BY-NC-ND-
dc.subjectpropositional type theoryen
dc.subjectfirst-order logicen
dc.subjectsecond-order logicen
dc.subjectequational hybrid logicen
dc.subjectlógica de primer ordenes
dc.subjectlògica de primer ordreca
dc.subjectlògica de segon ordreca
dc.subjectlógica de segundo ordenes
dc.subjectteoría de tipo proposicionales
dc.subjectteoria de tipus proposicionalca
dc.subjectlógica ecuacional híbridaes
dc.subjectlògica equacional híbridaca
dc.subject.lcshLogic, Modernen
dc.titleA semantics for equational hybrid propositional type theory-
dc.subject.lemacLògica modernaca
dc.subject.lcshesLógica modernaes
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