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Title: 1-O: qui escriu la història? L'agenda setting de TV3 i La 1 i l'autocomunicació de masses a Twitter
Author: Aguilera Cora, Elisenda
Tutor: Benach Pascual, Ernest
Keywords: 1-O
agenda setting
mass self-communication
La 1
Issue Date: Jan-2020
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Abstract: This dissertation focuses on the agenda setting and mass self-communication approaches and applies them to 1st October 2017, the day Catalonia held a self-determination referendum. This day, consequently, became one of the most relevant events in the recent history of Catalonia and Spain. It has been more than 2 years since 1-O, but the consequences of that day are still felt today and are painting the future of these two territories. The main purpose of this dissertation is to determine if information and communication technologies (ICT) promote citizen participation in the agenda setting process. Agenda setting is one of the widest used approaches in communication research. It focuses on the exposure given by media to selected issues thereby controlling its prominence in public debate. On the other hand, new devices have given rise to a new form of communication: mass self-communication, which is characterized by the capability of users to self-communicate and self-organize. Platforms such as Twitter have emerged as ideal channels to facilitate the exposure of news and events with other users in real-time. However, television continues to be one of the main media outlets and due to its visual discourse, allowing the audience to live events, it has significant influence. To determine whether ICT promote citizen participation in the agenda setting process, TV3 and La 1 news coverage along with Twitter comments from 1-O will be analysed. This will also reveal if ICT allow citizenship to counteract the media discourse and what the consequences are for society today.
Language: Catalan
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