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Title: Análisis de la variación nucleotídica de la región génica que incluye el gen phantom en poblaciones de Drosophila melanogaster de África y Norteamérica
Author: Zarandona Garai, Mikel
Director: Prados Carrasco, Ferran
Tutor: Orengo Ferriz, Dorcas
Keywords: drosophila melanogaster
natural selection
nucleotide variation
Issue Date: Jan-2021
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Abstract: Drosophila melanogaster is a specie originated in central Africa that moved to warmer zones. The relatively recent expansion must reflect the effect of the adaptation to the new climate in addition to the demographic effect. The intents of this document are to make a polymorphism analysis in order to uncover the footprint left by selection in the X chromosome where the phantom gene is located and to compare three African populations. The footprint left by selection in this region was uncovered in a European population, so now the survey´s aim is to uncover this effect in a North American and three African populations. Firstly, the sequences are located in the genome, aligned and analyzed using bioinformatic tools such as BLAST, MEGA and DnaSP. As seen in the results, in the case of the three African populations neutrality is rejected, but this effect is probably generated in another nearby region. In the case of the American population, nucleotide diversity is very low. Neutrality is rejected also, but further analysis must be performed to fully verify if selection exists in this region. To finish, African populations have been differentiated from each other, but when making comparisons in groups of two, the only differentiated population is the Ethiopian one.
Language: Spanish
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