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Title: Análisis acerca de los eventos corporativos. Eventos tradicionales versus la nueva modalidad surgida a raíz del COVID-19
Author: Amarelle Montano, Gema
Director: Montaña Blasco, Mireia  
Tutor: León Vergara, María Reyes
Keywords: corporate events
new modality
corporate communication
Issue Date: Nov-2020
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Abstract: Due to the circumstances produced as a result of the arrival of COVID-19 in Spain in the beginning of 2020, corporate events have been forced to reinvent in order to adapt to the new reality, which is a big challenge for the industry. Corporate events are a communication tool used in order to convey messages to defined audiences that share the same space with the speaker and that leads them to create a certain position. So far they have proven to be a strategic communication tool for companies since they achieve direct and interactive impacts with their audience. The pandemic has led to an unquestionable change in the way the events are organized, communicated and transmitted, opening the way to the digital format, in which communication 2.0 plays a fundamental role. It is true that before COVID-19 corporate events were already incorporating technological innovations, in order to improve the experiences of attendees and make way for more interactive, impactful and surprising events. In these moments of low demand, the sector is studying how to reinvent itself, knowing in depth the field in which they operate is of utmost importance. Therefore, the following thesis consists of analyzing and comparing how corporate events were understood before the arrival of the coronavirus disease and how they have evolved so far, allowing knowing all their formats. The conclusions reached after the carried out analysis will serve to propose possible alternatives on the future of the organization of corporate events.
Language: Spanish
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