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Title: El papel del azúcar en los cereales infantiles procesados: Composición y etiquetado
Author: Edgington Puig, Emily
Tutor: Serra Maqueda, Aida
Keywords: processed cereals
free sugars
infant cereals
Issue Date: Nov-2020
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Abstract: According to the WHO, childhood obesity has become one of the major health problems of the 21st century, being the consumption of free sugars an aggravating factor in the prevalence of multiple diseases for the entire population. Therefore, the main objective of this project has been to analyse the nutritional composition of processed infant cereals (due to their high consumption among the infant population), and thus determine if the amounts of sugars present are excessive, and if the marketing, the nutritional claims and regulations are both correct and sufficient. Methodology, 54 types of processed infant cereals of different brands available in national supermarkets have been analysed, in relation to their labelling, nutritional value, and sugar and sweetener content. Results. Among the cereals analysed, and with respect to their sugar content per serving of consumption (30 grams), many of them represented around 50% of their content and the daily recommendations of the WHO. In addition, the Nutriscore system was calculated for 3 of the analysed cereals (those with the highest, lowest and average sugar content) to check their rating. Conclusions. This type of cereal, due to its high content of sugars and sweeteners, can be categorized as products for occasional consumption and with little nutritional value. In addition, nutritional labelling doesn't classify these types of products as harmful to our health, on the contrary, they create confusion by classifying a large majority of them as healthy.
Language: Spanish
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