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Title: Robust watermarking scheme based on the JPEG2000 standard
Authors: Minguillón Alfonso, Julià
Herrera Joancomartí, Jordi
Megías Jiménez, David
Keywords: watermarking
image lossy compression
Issue Date: 2005
Type: Article
Citation: Minguillón, J.; Herrera, J.; Megías, D. (2005). "Robust Watermarking Scheme Based on the JPEG2000 standard". Journal of Electronic Imaging. Vol 3, n. 14, p. 33.015. ISSN:1017-9909.
Abstract: In this paper an empirical evaluation of the lossy compression properties of the JPEG2000 stan- dard for watermarking and fingerprinting purposes is performed. Results show that the proposed watermarking scheme based on the JPEG2000 standard is robust against most of the classical image manipulation operations and, therefore, suitable for watermarking purposes. Furthermore, the proposed watermarking scheme can be also upgraded to be used as a fingerprinting scheme once the embedded mark is properly coded, due to the use of a collusion scheme.
Description: Peer reviewed
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