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Title: An ontology to automated learning scenarios? An approach to its knowledge domain
Author: Rius Gavidia, Àngels  
Sicilia Urbán, Miguel Ángel
García Barriocanal, Elena
Issue Date: 2008
Citation: Rius, M. À.; Sicilia, M.; García Barriocanal, E. (2008). "An Ontology to Automated Learning Scenarios? An Approach to its Knowledge Domain". Interdisciplinary Journal of Knowledge and Learning Objects. Vol. 4, p. 151-165. ISSN: 1552-2210.
Abstract: Automation or semi-automation of learning scenario specifications is one of the least explored subjects in the e-learning research area. There is a need for a catalogue of learning scenarios and a technique to facilitate automated retrieval of st ored specifications. This requires constructing an ontology with this goal and is justified in this paper. This ontology must mainly support a specification technique for learning scenarios. This ontology should also be useful in the creation and validation of new scenarios as well as in the personalization of learning scenarios or their monitoring. Thus, after justifying the need for this ontology, a first approach of a possible knowledge domain is presented. An example of a concrete learning scenario illustrates some relevant concepts supported by this ontology in order to define the scenario in such a way that it could be easy to automate.
Language: English
ISSN: 1552-2210MIAR
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