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Title: Arqueología del dolor. Un (re)encuentro con Paulo Freire e Iván Illich para aprender del sufrimiento
Other Titles: Archeology of pain. A re-encounter with Paulo Freire and Ivan Illich to learn from suffering
Author: Salas Soneira, Miguel
Pié Balaguer, Asunción
Others: Universidad de Barcelona
Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Keywords: oppression
biomedical hegemony
Issue Date: 1-Jan-2021
Publisher: Revista Ideação
Citation: Salas Soneira, M. [Miguel], Pié Balaguer, A. [Asunción] (2021). Arqueología del dolor. Un (re)encuentro con Paulo Freire e Iván Illich para aprender del sufrimiento. Revista Ideação, 23(1), 213-235. doi: 10.48075/ri.v23i1.26709
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Abstract: He present text recovers tools for a pedagogy of release and promotion of the damaged inter-subjectivity in the field of mental health. Our updated reading of Paulo Freire is articulated in dialogue with the contributions of Ivan Illich and his critical position about the pathologization of suffering. Both authors allow us to base a praxis on the field of mental health that we called the archeology of pain. To this end, the relationships between oppression and mental health is first addressed by reporting on the colonization of bodies and minds through the removal of lay knowledge, psychiatrization and over-medication. In the second place, prescriptions and adhesions are addressed to understand which aspects of socio-educational action in mental health assumes the form of discourses and practices of an oppressive nature, and which Freirian pedagogical keys can be taken into consideration in order to reverse said condition. Thirdly, we describe the specificities of the myths, discourses and institutionalized practices that reproduce and maintain the oppression of psychiatrized subjects, as well as some conditions for their release; namely, the recovery of the word and the symbolic construction of one's own life stories. Finally, the experience of transformation that the international Hearing Voices movement is assuming is exposed as an example of liberation from biomedical oppression.
Language: Spanish
ISSN: 1982-3010MIAR

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