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Title: marian-[a]. the creature killer fest (el festival de la asesina de criaturas)
Author: Jurado Fajardo, Guillermo
Tutor: Arnedo Moreno, Joan  
Duch Gavaldà, Jordi
Keywords: adventure
Issue Date: 6-Jun-2021
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Abstract: "marian- [a]. the creature killer fest, is a 2D platform game with 3D visual richness (2.5D genre), where the story of my niece Marianita, a tender 10-year-old girl, a tender 10-year-old girl, who with the help of some companions such as her dog 'Neo'; and, using her baseball bat and flaming stuffed animals as weapons, she embarks on a grim adventure in search of her Mother who was abducted by strange and daunting creatures. The gameplay style is platformer with a 2.5D perspective - The game content genre is a hybrid of Survival Horror / Adventure. One of the restrictions is to avoid shooter mechanics because the non-use of firearms has been determined (due to the social context in my country, Colombia). The video game is inspired and has as reference of gameplay, mechanics, aesthetics, history, settings and gameplay to "Inside" (play dead - unity) and "Little nightmares 2" (namco - unreal). Technically, the project implements 3d objects (main characters and antagonistic bosses) and 2d sprites in order to iii achieve an attractive game experience, with quite enriched aesthetics and good performance. For this project, the knowledge and PEC's of the subjects Game Design, 2D Videogames, 3D Videogames, User Experience Design and Interfaces, Media for Videogames, Modding and Creation of Levels and Artificial Intelligence of the Master in Videogame Design and Programming were applied of the Open University of Catalonia.
Language: Spanish
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