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Title: An integrated model of adoption and development of e-commerce in companies
Authors: Vilaseca i Requena, Jordi
Torrent i Sellens, Joan
Meseguer Artola, Antoni
Rodríguez Ardura, Inma
Other: Observatory of the New Economy. ONE
Issue Date: 2007
Type: Article
Citation: Vilaseca, J.; Torrent, J.; Meseguer, A.; Rodríguez, I. (2007). "An integrated model of adoption and development of e-commerce in companies". International Advances in Economic Research. Vol. 13. n. 2, p. 222-241. ISSN: 1083-0898.
Abstract: Since the mid-1990s researchers have sought to understand why some firms embark on e-commerce operations on the Internet while others prefer to wait and see how events unfold. We still have to determine which variables contribute to explaining the extent to which firms use e-commerce, given that to date the literature has not yet offered conclusive evidence on this question. The current work aims to provide an integrated vision of the set of factors influencing the e-commerce adoption process. We use a sample of 2,038 firms of all types that trade their products either with other organizations or with end-consumers.
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