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Title: Análisis de la variabilidad nucleotídica en poblaciones naturales de Drosophila melanogaster en una región del cromosoma X influenciada por el gen Megalin
Author: González Pizarro, Lourdes
Director: Calvet Liñan, Laura  
Tutor: Orengo Ferriz, Dorcas
Keywords: nucleotide variability
natural selection
drosophila melanogaster
Issue Date: Jun-2021
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Abstract: Drosophila melanogaster is a cosmopolitan species found on all continents. Originally from sub-Saharan Africa, the expansion to territories outside Africa is relatively recent in time, so the nucleotide variability observed in its genome could still be affected by the effects of its expansion and adaptation to new habitats. In a study of a Catalan population, a region of approximately 67 kb was detected that could be a candidate for having experienced the effects of positive selection. In this work, we have studied the variability of this region in three populations from Africa, two from Europe and one from the USA, using different bioinformatics programs, as well as analyzing the genetic differentiation between them. The sequence has been analyzed in 2,000 nucleotide windows with a 1,000 nucleotide displacement. The pattern of nucleotide variability observed in the derived populations is very similar to that previously observed in the Catalan population and is different from that observed in the African populations. We detected regions in the sequence in which neutrality is rejected both in the African and in the derived populations, highlighting a region of about 4 Kb common to all populations. In addition, it is found that the six populations differ genetically between them, although when making pairwise comparisons, some pairs do not show differentiation between them.
Language: Spanish
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