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Title: El coneixement i ús del consentiment informat per part dels logopedes de les Illes Balears
Author: Vidal Torres, María José
Tutor: Oriol Peregrina, Núria
Others: Universitat de Vic - Universitat Central de Catalunya
Keywords: phonoaudiology
Issue Date: Jun-2021
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Abstract: In speech therapy, there is little literature on obtaining informed consent (IC). Speech therapists intervene in all stages of life and, increasingly, apply techniques and treatments that could lead to a written informed consent signed by the patient after obtaining consent orally. In this paper, the academic origin of a sample of speech therapists from the Balearic Islands was studied to see the relationship between their academic trajectory, especially regarding their knowledge of ethics, bioethics, legislation and/or deontology, with other variables, such as their knowledge of the concept of IC and its use, as well as decision-making between the speech therapist and the patients, the techniques they applied and the population they treated, among other variables. To obtain the results regarding the relationship between different variables, non-parametric tests (Kruskal-Wallis) were used, and a significant relationship could not be demonstrated in any of the relationships that we wanted to establish, so all the null hypotheses had to be accepted and the alternatives were rejected. This showed that the distribution by groups of each of the variables studied was similar regarding the other variable, which we wanted to establish a relationship with, and that there were no significant differences between groups. Thus, the academic origin did not show a relationship in any sense with the knowledge and use of IC, nor did the latter variables with having taken any subjects relating to ethics, bioethics, legislation and/or deontology, or with decision-making between the speech therapists and the patients, nor according to the technique used by the people surveyed or the population they treated, among other relationships. In spite of it all, it was able to be deduced indirectly that a great portion of the speech therapists in the sample were unaware of the nature of the IC and the way it is obtained. The study could have methodological, material, and temporal limitations that could have biased the results. Improvements in the measurement instruments are suggested and other research lines are opened, such as the use of IC by representation in speech therapy.
Language: Catalan
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