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Title: El pacte feudal de Minimilla de Pladecorts i el comte Oliba Cabreta de Cerdanya (976) i l'aparició del català escrit a la Catalunya naixent
Author: Garrido Domènech, Bernat
Tutor: Garcia Perales, Vicent
Others: Figueras Capdevila, Narcís  
Keywords: origin of catalan
pre-literary catalan
catalan romance
vulgar latin
carolingian Catalonia
county of Cerdanya
Issue Date: Jun-2021
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Abstract: When and in what form did Catalan come into writing? Oral Catalan appeared, like the other Romance languages, according to scholars, between the 7th and 8th centuries. However, Latin continued to be used in writing. In the 11th century, from the emerging feudal environment, Catalan formulas became widespread in documents written in Latin. There are earlier witnesses? The feudal pact of Mrs. Minimilla de Pladecorts (Vallespir) and Count Oliba Cabrita de Cerdanya is a 10th century document that contains phrases in Catalan; it is also a dated document, which is of great importance. It is dated July 28th (-V- kalendas augustas) of the year 976 (the 22nd year of the reign of Lotari I, king of the Western Franks). We would be, therefore, in front of a witness with fragments written in Catalan of the 10th century. The great states with national languages have resorted to old texts in a competition for which language was the first to appear, to babble, in writing. It is not the purpose of this research to participate in this contest, but to reveal the existence of a text that, written in a not very careful Latin, resorts to Catalan, making the living language remain in writing. The Catalan, then, can demonstrate that it has a written witness, perfectly dated, from the tenth century, coinciding with the beginnings of feudalism in Catalonia, which meant the development of a suitable terminology, as we will see in the following century, which could no longer express the Latin language.
Language: Catalan
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