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Title: Participes les famílies a l'Educació Secundària Obligatòria? Estudi de les estratègies aplicades en un centre de la Trinitat Nova de Barcelona
Author: Lezcano Garcia, Anna
Tutor: Viciana Caballero, Salvador
Keywords: secondary education
Issue Date: Jun-2020
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Abstract: Given this reality, the research is contextualised in a newly created secondary school in the Trinitat Nova neighbourhood of Barcelona, the ieTrinitat Nova. It is a public school, classified as being of maximum complexity, based on the context indicators (level of education of the families, occupation of work with low professional qualifications, number of families receiving the minimum insertion income, unemployment rate, number of pupils with specific educational needs and percentage of newly-arrived pupils). In this specific case, the sample is the management team (head teacher and the head of studies in Secondary Education), the teaching staff of this educational stage and all the families of ESO pupils. Next, the methodological process on which all the weight of the research falls is described. The design of the data collection instruments, their subsequent application and the analysis of the information obtained by means of the two data collection tools: the questionnaire and the interview. To conclude the project, the conclusions drawn from the research are shown, which allow us to draw up a series of guidelines and proposals that provide the centre with a new look at the current reality and offer the opportunity to implement changes and respond to these difficulties experienced between the family and the school.
Language: Catalan
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