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Title: A catalogue of Primitive Scenario-Types : The First Step to the Automation of Learning Scenarios
Authors: Rius Gavidia, Àngels
Sicilia, M. Ángel
García Barriocanal, Elena
Issue Date: 2007
Type: Part or chapter of book
Citation: RIUS, M.A.; SICÍLIA, M.A.; GARCÍA-BARRIOCANAL, E. (2007). "A catalogue of Primitive Scenario-Types. The First Step to the Automation of Learning Scenarios". In: CARLINER, S.; BASTIAENS, T. Proceedings of the World Conference on E-Learning in Corporate Government, Healthcare and Higher Education (E-Learn 2007). Québec: Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education. P. 6.954- 6.959. ISBN 978-1-880094-63-1.
Description: Peer-reviewed
ISBN: 978-1-880094-63-1
Access rights: Copyright by AACE.
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