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Title: Towards a Network Government? A critical analysis of current assessment methods for e-Government
Authors: Waksberg Guerrini, Ana
Aibar Puentes, Eduard
Other: E-Governance: electronic administration and democracy. GADE
Issue Date: 2007
Type: Part or chapter of book
Citation: Waksberg, A.; Aibar, E. (2007). "Towards a Network Government? A critical analysis of current assessment methods for e-Government". In: Grönlund, A.; Schol, J.; Wimmer, M.A. Electronic Government. Springer. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 4656, p. 330-341. ISBN 978-3-540-74443-6.
Abstract: Contemporary public administrations have become increasingly more complex, having to cordinate actions with emerging actors in the public and the private spheres. In this scenario the modern ICTs have begun to be seen as an ideal vehicle to resolve some of the problems of public administration. We argue that there is a clear need to explore the extent to which public administrations are undergoing a process of transformation towards a netowork government linked to the systematic incorporation of ICTs in their basic activities. Through critically analysing a selection of e-government evaluation reports, we conclude that research should be carried out if we are to build a solid government assessment framework based on network-like organisation characteristics.
ISBN: 978-3-540-74443-6
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