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Title: e-Justice in Spain
Authors: Cerrillo-i-Martínez, Agustí
Other: E-Governance: electronic administration and democracy. GADE
Issue Date: 16-Feb-2010
Type: Part or chapter of book
Citation: Cerillo, A. (2008). "e-Justice in Spain". In: Cerillo, A.; Fabra, P. E-Justice: Information and Communication Technologies in the Court System. HERSHEY, PA. (USA): IGI Global. Pàg. 93-110
Abstract: Technology has had a prevalent impact on nearly all social domains, one being the judicial system. Advancements such as computer-generated demonstrations and electronic filing can enhance presentations and give a clearer, well-organized case. E-Justice: Using Information Communication Technologies in the Court System presents the most relevant experiences and best practices concerning the use and impact of ICTs in the courtroom. This groundbreaking title draws upon the leading academic and practicing perspectives from around the globe to provide academics and professionals throughout the legal system with the most comprehensive overview of present developments in e-justice.
ISBN: 978-1-59904-998-4
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