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Title: Recognition of prior learning in online postgraduate education
Authors: Rimbau Gilabert, Eva
Ficapal-Cusí, Pilar
Other: Interdisciplinary research into ICT. I2TIC
Issue Date: 2008
Type: Part or chapter of book
Citation: Rimbau, E.; Ficapal-Cusí, P. (2008). "Recognition of Prior Learning in Online Postgraduate Education: The Experience of the Master in Human Resource Management at the UOC ". In: Advances in Business Education and Training. Page. 5- 24.
Abstract: The recognition of prior experiential learning (RPEL) involves the assessment of skills and knowledge acquired by an individual through previous experience, which is not necessarily related to an academic context. RPEL practices are far from generalised in higher education, and there is a lack of specific guidelines on how to implement RPL programs in particular settings, such as management education or online programs. The RPEL pilot program developed in a Spanish virtual university is used throughout the article as the basis for further reflection on the design and implementation of RPEL in online postgraduate education in the business field. The role of competences as a central theoretical foundation for RPEL is explained, and the context and characteristics of the RPEL program described. Special attention is paid to the key elements of the program¿s design and to the practical aspects of its implementation. The results of the program are assessed and general conclusions and suggestions for further research are discussed.
ISBN: 978-1-4020-8746-2
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