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Title: The practical application of e-Portfolio at the Open University of Catalonia : assessment of competence based learning
Authors: Barberà Gregori, Elena
Almirall Hill, Magí
Ahumada Torres, Mercedes Elisabeth
Mora Martín, Jose
Issue Date: 2007
Type: Conference lecture
Citation: Barberà, E.; Almirall-Hill, M.; Ahumada, M. E.; Mora, J. (2007). "The practical application of e-Portfolio at the Open University of Catalonia: Assessment of competence based learning". En: iLearn. iLearning Forum. EIFEL. Paris 2007. Eifel. Paris, 28 enero.
Abstract: The paper presents the results of the piloting or pilot test in a virtual classroom. This e-portfolio was carried out in the 2005-2006 academic year, with students of the Doctorate in Information Society, at the Open University of Catalonia. The electronic portfolio is a strategy for competence based assessment. This experience shows the types of e-portfolios, where students show their work without interactions, and apply the competence-based learning theories in an interactive portfolio system. The real process of learning is developed in the competency based system, the portfolio not only is a basic bio document, has become a real space for learning with competence model. The paper brings out new ideas and possibilities: the competence-based learning promotes closer relationships between universities and companies and redesigns the pedagogic act.
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