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Title: Diseño de una plataforma web de contenido divulgativo y cultural sobre la menstruación.
Author: Abuin Caballero, Elisa-Amada
Director: R. Ignacio Madrid López
Tutor: Ferran Giménez Prado
Enric Mor Pera
Keywords: UX
Issue Date: 3-Jun-2022
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya
Abstract: This dissertation reflects the work carried out for the final master¿s project ¿Design of a web platform for informative and cultural content on menstruation¿. The project consisted of designing an accessible web platform for women, adolescents, fathers, mothers and in general anyone interested in learning about menstruation and how menstruation exists in culture. Menstruation has been a taboo subject throughout history, and this perspective has damaged girls, adolescents and women in order to accept how their body works. This project was created to celebrate menstruation, to teach that there is nothing to be ashamed of and to help normalize menstruation through the most accessible and enjoyable thing that exists, culture. This project also arises from the need to transmit information in an understandable way, avoiding serious and technical websites that can sometimes be hard and difficult to understand. The project was developed over four months, starting in February 2022, and divided into the following phases, always following methodologies based on user-centered design: preliminary research on the cultural impact of menstruation on society and benchmarking on other platforms with a similar goal; a phase of user interviews that allowed to shed light on the needs that the project should cover; a user definition phase and how the expected users would use the platform; a development phase where the structure of the platform and its visual appearance were defined in order to make a prototype; and finally an evaluation phase that included a user test that made it easier to make the necessary changes so that the usability of the website was the best possible.
Language: Spanish
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