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Title: Estrategia de la Universidad de Alicante en la promoción del conocimiento abierto
Authors: Bayona Giménez, Juan José
Other: Jornadas OS-Repositorios (4as : 2010 : Barcelona)
Keywords: Open access
Issue Date: 4-Mar-2010
Type: Conference lecture
Citation: Bayona Giménez, Juan José (2010). "Estrategia de la Universidad de Alicante en la promoción del conocimiento abierto." 4as Jornadas OS-Repositorios. Barcelona 3-5 marzo de 2010. <>
Abstract: The aim of this paper is to summarize the various initiatives carried out at the University of Alicante for promoting open access to research and teaching generated by its members, and the various incentives to encourage self-archiving in their Institutional Repository RUA. Until the University of Alicante has chosen different call for grants with financial incentives addressed to the research and teaching staff, that specifies the requirement to deposit in the Repository the materials generated as a result of these calls. We describe the results obtained so far, weighing up the pros and cons of this incentive system, indicating new challenges facing us in the short to medium term, with particular reference to the proposed new policy model to adopt for the archival and dissemination of scientific production and teaching generated in our University.
Language: Spanish
Appears in Collections:4th OS-REPOSITORIOS Conference (Barcelona, 3-5 March 2010)

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