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Title: ¿Son nuestros repositorios lo suficientemente sólidos como para asumir mandatos institucionales?
Authors: Castro, Pablo de
Other: Jornadas OS-Repositorios (4as : 2010 : Barcelona)
Keywords: Work team
Issue Date: 5-Mar-2010
Type: Conference lecture
Citation: Castro, Pablo de (2010). "¿Son nuestros repositorios lo suficientemente sólidos como para asumir mandatos institucionales?". 4as Jornadas OS-Repositorios. Barcelona 3-5 marzo de 2010. <>
Abstract: This paper focuses on the study of size, flexibility and stability of the working teams managing the Spanish repositories today, in order to determine whether they are sufficiently strong and stable to withstand institutional mandates. For this we have conducted a survey between the repositories to gather information on the structure of the professional teams that manage them. Since the level of development among Spanish repositories is really uneven, the analysis will initially focus on those who are more established, although the intention of the study is to achieve a level of coverage as broad as possible subject that may exceed national boundaries.
Language: Spanish
Appears in Collections:4th OS-REPOSITORIOS Conference (Barcelona, 3-5 March 2010)

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