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Title: Mercados bursátiles en acción II : análisis técnicos y gráficos para iniciados
Authors: Serradell López, Enric
Issue Date: 16-Feb-2010
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya
Type: Lecture notes
Abstract: The main characteristic of financial markets is their great dynamism and complexity. Stock market analysis implies the need for adequate knowledge to be able to order, classify and analyse large quantities of information that circulate freely in real time. In this sense, stock markets analysts must pay special attention to several fields so that the techniques used may be exploited in the most effective way possible. On the one hand, it is necessary for analysts to have adequate knowledge, based on contents that are clear, up to date and suitable for their own level of knowledge. On the other hand, it is necessary to have the appropriate tools to perform analyses. In stock markets, technical and graphical analyses require knowledge and utilization of various computer programs to adequately manage available information.
Language: Spanish
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