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Title: Regulación del comportamiento durante la construcción conjunta de conocimientos en tareas cooperativas en entornos de aprendizaje virtuales asincrónicos y escritos
Authors: López Benavides, Denisse
Tutor: Álvarez Valdivia, Ibis
Other: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya
Keywords: learning regulation
cooperative learning
asynchronous and written virtual learning environments
Issue Date: 30-Jul-2007
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya
Type: Master Thesis
Abstract: This study analyzes the regulation strategies applied by five groups of students, during the process of joint construction of meaning in a cooperative task in a virtual university within an asynchronous communication context. The study was performed within a subject taught at a Master in E-learning program in which students applied the technique of case study for solving two different tasks. These tasks were based on written argumentation, supported by virtual discussions and its completion was defined through a written report. Based on a review of the theory and the current status of research, the concept of regulation in its social and cognitive dimensions are delineated; where the dimensions interweave during the process of joint construction of meaning. Through a case study methodology and by means of discourse analysis three modes of regulation are identified: self-, external and co-regulation all present during cooperative tasks. Then the types of language involved in the process of joint construction of meaning are categorized and the resultant interactions described. Subsequently, the learning effects of the groups are evaluated through their written reports. Lastly, four models of interaction, that reflect the regulation of learning at different stages of cooperative work in a virtual asynchronous communication context, are identified.
Language: Spanish
Appears in Collections:Bachelor thesis, research projects, etc.

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