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Title: Redes de computadores, setiembre 2006
Author: Barceló Ordinas, José María
Íñigo Griera, Jordi
Martí Escalé, Ramón
Peig Olivé, Enric
Perramon Tornil, Xavier
Director: Megías Jiménez, David  
Mas i Hernàndez, Jordi
Keywords: Internet protocols
Issue Date: 16-Sep-2006
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya
Abstract: Current computer networks are an amalgam of the devices, techniques and communication systems that have emerged since the end of the nineteenth century; in other words, since the invention of the telephone. The telephone, which was developed exclusively for transmitting voices, is now often used to connect a series of computers to one another. Since its invention, we have witnessed the emergence of local networks, long-distance data connections with transoceanic or satellite links, mobile telephony, etc. The internet deserves special mention in this world of distance communications. There is no doubt now that it represents a basic network for communications between humans. This course offers a general view of computer networks and the internet in particular.
Language: Spanish
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